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How to Change the Sediment and Charcoal Filters

Close both ball valves to the left and right of filter housings.

Push the little red button on the top of each filter housing to release the pressure. The housings cannot be removed until the pressure is released.

Use filter wrench provided to loosen and unscrew the housings. Replace the old filters with new ones. Hand-tighten housings.

Each time you replace the carbon filter, you'll want to rinse off residue from the new filter. To do this, once the filter is in place and the housing is screwed back on, turn on the ball valve to the left of the filters (the one that will allow water to run into the filters), but leave the ball valve on the right (the one prior to the UV light) shut. Open the hose bib and let the water run into a bucket until it runs clean (about a gallon). Close the hose bib and open the valve to the UV light.

Be sure not to toss out the O-rings that lie in the groove of the housings.

How to Change the Sanitron UV Bulb

Disconnect power to water purifier.

Remove easy-off end cap by pulling cap off static gland nut. Slide each end cap along the wire away from the socket.

Carefully withdraw lamp approximately 2 inches from chamber while feeding the lamp socket and lead wire on opposite end of chamber.

While holding lamp end, carefully remove lamp socket on end now exposed.

Next, carefully withdraw lamp approximately 2 inches on opposite end, hold lamp and remove lamp socket.

Lamp should now be free on both ends. Carefully withdraw lamp from chamber. Be sure to withdraw lamp straight out without angling until completely from of the quartz sleeve.

Reassemble in reverse order.

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