Rainwater Collection Since 1994
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Austin Energy Green Building is the leading utility-sponsored sustainable building program in the country. The site is chockablock with all sorts of information on everything from building materials to energy efficiency.

Sure, The American Rainwater Catchment Systems Association is a mouthful, but it's the go-to organization for rainwater seminars, downloadable papers on all sorts of topics related to harvesting the rain, and a clearing house for many rainwater collection businesses across the country.

The International Rainwater Catchment Systems Association promotes rainwater collection worldwide. The website highlights projects ranging from micro-catchment dams in Brazil to rehabbing ancient Mexican cisterns.

The Texas Water Development Board offers a downloadable copy of the Texas Manual to Rainwater Harvesting, a great resource for unbiased assessments of various collection tanks, filters, and methods of disinfection, complete with case studies, both residential and commercial, and in-depth precipitation tables for the state. And it's free!

The Center for Maximum Potential Building Systems is a true vanguard when it comes to innovative sustainable building techniques. Since 1975, founder Pliny Fisk and his crew have been touting and developing revolutionary approaches to green design on projects around the globe.

Solar Equipment and Design

Texasun Solar is a premiere source for solar water heaters.

From huge industrial installation to off-the-grid system for tiny cabins, Meridian can run the numbers and supply the stuff for electric solar collection systems.

Rainwater System Support

If you're looking to start small, the Natural Gardener on Old Bee Caves Road in Austin sells rain barrels. A good online source is www.rainbarrelsource.com and you can find lots of tips for setting up one of these simplest of systems at www.rainbarrelguide.com.

Yes, sometimes you run out of rainwater or you need a little boost when you first install your system. Hamilton Pool H20 is one local water provider our clients have come to depend on.

Murals by Christopher
Want a facelift for your tank? Christopher Barnett paints custom murals, and can make your cistern shine.


Zaman is an Austin area builder/designer/consultant who specializes in homes that suit the site and the climate. A member of the Austin Energy Green Builder Program, Zworks focuses on sustainability, without sacrificing cool design.

Pilgrim president Branson Fustes designs and builds homes that are easy on the environment without breaking the budget. His innovative designs have incorporated strawbale, rammed earth, and structural panels. His training as a carpenter and woodworker means he delights in the details.

Robert Luongo, a builder based in Wimberley, Texas, specializes in Hill Country style—limestone, rough cedar, and metal roofs. And many of Robert's clients realize that a Hill Country home goes great with a rainwater collection system.

Brad Kittel and his crew fashion reclaimed materials into houses, chapels, and studios that may be small in size, but are monsters of charm.

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