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How Richard's Real Rainwater Came To Be

Now The Cloud Juice Company!

After years of living with rainwater as a sole source of household water and after installing hundreds of rainwater collection systems in the Hill Country, I decided everyone deserved a taste of rainwater.  First, I built a rain barn with a 20,000-square-foot collection surface.  The runoff--10,000 gallons in a one-inch rain!--is captured in a veritable army of tanks for a total storage capacity of 200,000 gallons.  This was the easy part.

I also had to convince the powers that be that rainwater should be recognized as a source of water. After several years of wrangling, I finally received approval to bottle rainwater, thanks in no small part to an award-winning filtration and sanitation process.  By the time Richard's Rainwater hits the bottle, it has been filtered to .008 microns.  (How small is .008 microns?  Well, one whole micron is one one-hundredth the diameter of a human hair.)  The result of all this babying is water of exceeding purity that tastes like water ought to.

Richard's Real Rainwater Can Claim Quite a Few "Firsts"

  • The first (and as far as I know, the only) company licensed to bottle rainwater in America.
  • The first company in the U.S. licensed to use rainwater as a sole source of water for a public water supply (# PWS 1050133).
  • And, because we bottle at the source, the first closed-loop system using no chlorine or other chemical germicides for disinfection at any time during the process.

Our rainwater regularly receives kudos from all sorts of water snobs who say they can really taste the difference--and they drive all the way out to our bottling plant west of Austin to pick up a case or two. Richard's Rainwater is, however, also widely available in the Austin, Texas area.  If you'd like a store near you to carry Richard's Rainwater, be sure to ask for it.  No, wait, demand it.