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Looking for information and prices for rainwater collections systems? You've found the perfect site. We know rainwater collection.

Over the last fifteen years, Tank Town has installed hundreds of rainwater collection systems in the Texas Hill Country. Because the ground water in these parts can be both iffy and yucky, we specialize in rainwater systems that take the place of well-water systems and can supply a household with all its water needs. This means sizing tanks and collection surfaces to get through the worst of our droughts. It means installing filters and disinfection components that guarantee potable water with the least amount of bells and whistles, hassles and maintenance.

To find out more about how rainwater collection works, check out our FAQS and Rainwater Collection by the Numbers.

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We even bottled rainwater so you can take a taste.

Consultations at Tank Town are free, but by appointment only. Our regular hours are highly irregular and we are never open on the weekend without an appointment.

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